Putting up Transfer/Transform at the Bennington Museum

These images are of the process of  completing my installation on site over 2 days, May 10 and May 11.  There were many helpers who jumped in at critical moments  including Jamie Franklin (curator of the Bennington Museum), Tom Moriarity ( head of grounds and maintenance and problem solver extraordinaire), Meg Ostrom  ( curator and  part of the state of craft team),  Allie Lees (Bennington  College student and assistant), Cherie Pfeiffer (Castleton College art student and assistant) and a number of other staff who came outside and helped lift the piece into place. Also my thanks to Anne Majusiak, (co-curator of the State of Craft exhibit) and Steven Perkins(director of the Museum). Thanks also to Don and Bettenelle Miller who gave me a home away from home and fed me so well while I was in Bennington.  And then of course there are the folks who helped to  fund  my work such as the Vermont  Arts Council, The National Endowment for the Arts and the very generous contribution from  E. Candace Forsythe to the museum on behalf of this project. I am so grateful to you all! check out this slideshow of images.