Drawings in the Main Street Museum 25th anniversary exhibit opening December 8

Having been one of the community of artist's exhibiting during the Main Street museum's first year I am honored to show here again. The energy and creativity that surrounded David Ford's unique art venue in the 1990's anchored my sense of being part of a larger vibrant arts community in Vermont. May this worth institution endure another 25 years!


Nuts 1, 7" X 7", Graphite on paper, 2014

Nuts 1, 7" X 7", Graphite on paper, 2014

My Drawings at Bennington Museum November 24 -December 28, 2017

I have been invited to create a work that responds to a Nicols Goddard early 19th century clock in the Bennington Museum Collection. This work will be exhibited in a group show titled "Time for the Holidays" and is for sale, a silent auction and fundraiser for the Museum. 

Bennington 15,30,45,60. Graphite on paper, each drawing 7.5" X 7.5", 2017

Bennington 15,30,45,60. Graphite on paper, each drawing 7.5" X 7.5", 2017

My artist's statement for the exhibit: 

For this set of drawings I hammered a gear similar in age and form to a component in the Nichols Goddard Clock. I placed the gear in the center of each square of paper (with graphite transfer paper in between) and struck the gear repeatedly. Each time I hit the gear with the hammer it moved. I used time as a parameter for the work; viewing these series in a clockwise direction from the upper right quadrant drawings were made in 15, 30, 45 and 60 second intervals. These time frames reference the markings on the face of the Nichols Goddard clock. While this work is silent and static as displayed, the process of making the drawings encompasses sound and movement, resonating with like qualities of the Goddard clock as it works to keep time.

Visiting artist at The Front Gallery, October 6- November 18, 2017

I am grateful to be invited to exhibit in my home town of Montpelier Vermont. thank you to the collective gallery members of "The Front" for inviting me to join you in October and November of 2017 as a visiting artist.

Entangle 14, Graphite, colored pencil and watercolor pencil on paper, 30" X 22.5", 2016

Entangle 14, Graphite, colored pencil and watercolor pencil on paper, 30" X 22.5", 2016

Metal Point and Graphite Opens at Cynthia Reeves

My exhibit opened at Cynthia Reeves with an artist's panel discussion. I am talking about my work in this exhibit joined by my talented fellow artists Anne Lindberg, Shona Macdonald and Gudrun Mertes- Frady . Exhibition closes January 28th- 
28 Main St, Walpole NH.

"Verve:Art and Energy" Opening at Kent Museum, Calais Vermont, Saturday Sept 12, 3-5 pm

Come join me and my family for this opening tomorrow at the Kent Museum, Kent Corners, Calais Vermont.  more info at http://www.kentscorner.org/art-at-the-kent.html

My prints and drawings are on display. I'm in great company with some wonderful visual artists: Ethan Bond-Watts, Galen Cheney, Marina Epstein, Brenda Garand, Paul Gruhler, John Haynes,  Maggie Neale, Mickey Meyers, Lucinda mason, Michelle Ratte, Ashley Anne Veselis. There will be Music, food, drink and good company. This is the way to spend an early fall afternoon.


I'm going to Ragdale artist's residency in October 2016!

Really pleased to receive news that I will be attending Radgdale Artist's Colony  , north of Chicago in Lake Forest illinois  , for 2 1/2 weeks in a bit over a year. I will be working on my drawings and animations. I hear the visual arts studios are wonderful. 

My Drawings and Prints at Kent Museum, Calais VT

Its wonderful to be part of this group show opening on Friday September 11 and up through october 4.

Please join me for the opening reception on Saturday, September 12, 3-5 pm

for more information about the artists and the poetry readings each sunday http://www.kentscorner.org/art-at-the-kent.html

"Over and Under" went beautifully

A bit over 140 people attended the performance of my installation "Over and Under" at the VCFA green. the wind was up and created challenges and beautiful moments for dancers Heather Bryce, Laura Gordon and Liz Leahy. many thanks to collaborating Choreogrphaer Heather and the dancers as well as Pat Markley who accompanied the peformance on guitar. I am absolutely looking forwar to Carlos Diaz's film on the project!

4th day of Rehearsals of "Over and Under"

The installation and choreography are coming along! Some interesting dicoveries…the dancers using the ribbon as  support-leaning back, leaning in…lots of tension…lots of force. The lines have become tighter, taughter in response. I noticed today a rythm that reminded me of the ticking of a clock, the notation of time…when two dancers moving in opposition, one towards the trunk, one away, hesitate for a moment…and then move to winding the next strut.

Please come to the one and only performance of this installation on Saturday June 20 ,5 pm. Vermont College of Fine Arts Green, Montpelier Vermont.free and open to the pubic. bring a blanket to sit on or a chair.Dancers include choreographer Heather Bryce, Liz Leahy and Laura Gordon.



laura Gordon, Liz Leahy and choreographer Heather Bryce rehearsing "Over and Under" at the Vermont College of Fine Arts Green, Montpelier , Vermont. They will be performing on June 20, 5pm at this site.

laura Gordon, Liz Leahy and choreographer Heather Bryce rehearsing "Over and Under" at the Vermont College of Fine Arts Green, Montpelier , Vermont. They will be performing on June 20, 5pm at this site.

Rehearsals for "Over and Under" have begun

I began working with Choreographer Heather Bryce and dancers Denise Townsend and Laura Gordon this morning at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. We will be on site each morning ths week (weather premitting) developing the movement sequence for my textile installation "Over and Under". Please Join us for the final performance on Saturday,  June 20, 5pm, on the green of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier Vermont (corner of west and east state streets) I am absolutely looking forward to the next week of exploration and seeing how this work develops.

Denise and Laura rehearsing "Over and Under"

Denise and Laura rehearsing "Over and Under"

Over and Under to be performed at Vermont College of Fine Arts Green Saturday June 20, 5pm

My next Installation/dance/weaving is being developed for a site on the Vermont College of Fine Arts Green. I am working with choreographer Heather Bryce, who will develop the movement sequence through which the work is constructed.


Rehearsals start Saturday june 13 on the green which is near the corner of West street and East state streets in Montpelier Vermont.



Invitation to performance

Invitation to performance

The Performance of "Motion-Line-Form" at Brattleboro Museum was beautiful!

I feel very fortunate to have worked with such talented collaborators Candice Salyers and Dahlia Nayar. It was truly a trascendent experience to watch them perform my textile installation. 

Their meditative state , slow, subtle movement, and focus shifted the audience's perception of time. The audience sat between the dance performance site and a busy road: on one side noise and fast moving cars on the other two women moving very very slowly  with incredible intention in bare feet. What a contrast. The dancer's managed to slow us all down despite the bustle of everyday life assering itself in the soundscape-trucks blaring country music, cars accelerating, a train pulling into town. I wish i could watch it all over again. Look at the video under "Motion-Line-Form" n teh body of my website…a 13 minute summary of what was an 1 1/2 long performance.