Installations in Process for upcoming solo show, Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT

I am creating 2 new installations for this  upcoming show at the Firehouse Gallery, opening friday January 14, 2011. I Consider both installatiosn to be three dimensional drawings. Each piece presents an ambiguity and play between the two dimensional and three dimensional realms. The images shown below are schematic drawings and studies which I have done in preparation for creating the final works.

The first installation titled " Surface Tension" will be made of over 18,000 ft of hand crocheted polyester rope. A series of counterweights, crochted sacks filled with river stones, are connected to the piece with a  rope and pulley system, thereby raising the work off the floor to create a topographical  surface.


The second installation, " Points of View" is made of  a series of poles (painted with white stripes)  that are connected to each other  to create  a matrix of tetrahedrons that will fill the gallery space . With the use of a water level,  pieces of blue reflective tape are mounted on this armature at level. A horizontal datum is established at approximately 5 feet above grade. When viewed from below or above no particular order will be apparent  as to how this tape is positioned yet at a certain view point a level line within this interior landscape will be revealed to the viewer. The work will be lit  by the viewer them-self, wearing a headlamp. The  viewer with headlamp will activate a glow in  the reflective tape while someone standing beside them will not see this phenomenon as their line of sight will not exactly correspond to the trajectory of the lighting source.