I am Curating Sculptfest2018 at The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center

The theme of the exhibit is "Interdependence" . I have included a text description of my call to artists for this exhibit below. The opening of this exhibit is Saturday September 8th, 5-8 pm. open to the public. There will be a site specific performance/Installation  by Amy Königbauer the evening of the opening. There will be a sound pice by Charles Hickey performed as well in one of the quarries. There will be refreshments and music. This event is open to the public.

See this great  preview  of the exhibit  by B. Amore in Art New England

sculptfest announcement FINAL.jpg

Interdependence reflects a form of symbiosis, the interaction between two or more elements for the benefit of all. Interdependency is a state of mutual support. 

The concept of interdependence can serve as a lens to understand the relationships within natural systems and between people, industries, nation-states, structural components and abstract forms. The modern era is defined, in part, by an increase in interdependency. As our technologies, economies, and cultures have evolved they are more apt to be tied to complex systems of mutual reliance. We have always been in a state of interdependence with our natural systems. Within many fields of study, we examine the interdependence of factors that drive outcomes.

Within the field of art and the practice of art it is useful to ask in what ways our practices are dependent on the work of other artists or other works of art. How are we influenced and inspired by fellow artists? How do we in turn support others? What other systems of mutual support drive creativity? Nothing we achieve is accomplished alone.

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center occupies a site shaped by an industry’s need for the marble below the surface. The transformation of this defunct quarry into a thriving art center reflects a web of supporting relationships, not least that between the art exhibited and the site. How does the site impact the art made and exhibited here and how does this art shape the way we understand, move through and experience this place?